• “Listening to Tiffany’s “Guided Meditation on Forgiveness” allows me to let go of built-up resentment, old judgment, and anger. Her guided meditation is a gift to receive. A gift that gives freedom, happiness, and sense of ease.”

    Lynn Hardin, Elementary School Principle
  • “Even if you don’t believe you are an empath or super sensitive, the Highly Perceptive People Workshop is great for any person in the world that works with other people.”

    Sarah Michael, Sparkling Results Coaching
  • Tiffany has helped me to get healthy and stay healthy, even with my demanding schedule. She has truly worked miracles with my body and my capacity for abundance.

    Alison Armstrong, Founder of PAX Programs, Inc

Healing Sessions

During private healing sessions by phone, Tiffany will work with you to find and release old “wounds,” “traumas,” and “pain” that are located in the body and psyche that are blocking you from health, wealth and love.



A variety of programs offervaluable teachings and deep healing to help you have more health, love and money. Classes are offered in person, via teleclass and online.



The healing and blessings from some of Tiffany’s group healing teleclasses and guided meditations are available to help you with a variety of areas of interest including: Developing Your 3rd Eye, Communicating with Animals, Healing Animals, Forgiveness, Holding Space and Boundaries, Prosperity, Beauty, Brain Regeneration, Healing Your Inner Child, Highly Perceptive People, Making Peace with your Past and the Money Magnet Intensive, and others.

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Upcoming Classes

March 25-26, 2017
Irvine, CA

Highly Perceptive People

Are you ready to receive deeper healing, be less guarded, and let your true self...

April 2017-Feb 2018
San Diego, CA

Highly Perceptive People Academy

An exclusive opportunity to be mentored, trained, developed and healed by Tiffany! An exclusive opportunity...

May 8
via Teleclass

Free Prosperity Healing

Do you want more prosperity and abundance flowing in your life? Ka-Ching! $,$$$,$$$