Connecting with God Tip #1: Writing

Ever since I was a small child, I heard God talking to me. I KNEW with certainty and clarity that it was God. I have helped many of my friends and clients learn how to open up their inner ear to be able to listen to whispers from God.
There are many different tools and techniques that we can use to hone these skills. One technique that I enjoy is communication via writing. Have you read the books by Neale Donald Walsch, called “Conversations with God?” I felt so relieved 20 years ago when his books came out, because it was confirmation that other people were also communicating in this same way.
Here is an example of how you might write out a dialogue with God:
T = Tiffany
G = God
T: Hi God, I’m writing a blog about how to communicate with you. Do you have any messages for people?
G: Yes. Let everyone know that I am always here. Always ready, willing and happy to talk. You can talk to me in times of happiness and in struggle. I am with you every single moment of every single day. Write away and you will always receive my reply.
T: God, some people say that they don’t know if it’s You talking to them or some other voice in their head. How can they know for sure that it’s You?
G: It is always Me. They need to learn to trust in themselves. The more they talk to me, the more practice they get at knowing its Me.
T: Thank you, God. Anything else?

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