Developing Your 3rd Eye

Developing Your 3rd Eye - Recordings

Want to Develop Your Intuitive Senses?


Each week there is a new topic to convey, then healing, blessings and the practice of opening up our Intuitive Centers and 3rd Eye. It is highly experiential. Locate the part of yourself that can listen with your “Inner Ear” and see with your “Third Eye.” Learn the difference between Higher and Lower Intuition and how to tell the difference within yourself. Turn your intuition ON and OFF at will because you have access to your inner control panel. We will also have a private facebook group for ongoing support and questions while we are on this 7 week journey together.

Discover what’s already inside of you and learn how to:

  • Tap into & strengthen YOUR Natural Psychic abilities
  • Learn to hear, feel, trust & act on your intuition
  • Develop your ability to See, Hear & Sense energy
  • Connect with your Higher Power
  • Want to learn to communicate with animals?
  • Curious about your “past lives?”
  • Wishing you could be a “medical intuitive?”
  • Already intuitive, but need to learn to turn it ON or OFF at will?

Ready to spend 2 months Developing Your 3rd Eye so you too can easily see and know the Divine Plan, Purpose & Timing for your life?

I was born intuitive, with the ability to see, feel, hear and smell energy, and have a “knowingness,” and love training others how to easily and safely develop their natural abilities. I can show you how to see auras, past lives, destinies in this life, auras of plants and animals, use your clairvoyance as a medical intuitive, clauraudiance to communicate with animals and nature, and easily see energies between couples. This is the foundation course that will give you the platform and confidence to hone and refine your own gifts.

Begin Seeing, Hearing & Knowing how to live Your Divine Life now!

7 Weeks of Recordings of highly experiential topics, where you are communicating, seeing, hearing, feeling and sensing a variety of things as you tune into the Divine, Nature, Animals and Angels, to name a few.

Week #1: Journaling with God
Week #2: Candle & Divine Light
Week #3: Nature, Plants & Trees
Week #4: Animals
Week #5: Angels
Week #6: Body Talk
Week #7: God and the Holy Ones

*In each recording, you will practice seeing, hearing & knowing and will be asked to jot down what you sense. You are welcome to post about it on our facebook group if you’d like me to validate or have a question about it.


Complete this online confidential application by CLICKING HERE. This will bring to my attention what you want to focus on and I’ll pray for you while you listen to the recordings.


Upon registering for this course, you will promptly receive an email with the links to the recordings. Please only listen to 1 topic each week. You may listen to the same topic more than once in a week, but please keep it to one focus. It takes time to develop your higher clairvoyant faculties and this will give you the best results.


You are welcome to post your questions on our private facebook group for this course. The link will be given in your initial welcome email.


There are no cash refunds. In the event that you are unable to attend this life changing event we are happy to credit your investment towards another workshop or group healing.