Healing Animals

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Have you ever felt helpless when you’ve heard bad news about the health of your furry or feathery member of the family?  That is understandable.  The important thing is that you can do something positive to help your pet.  Healing sessions and clairvoyant readings are offered, as well as classes to help you learn how to tap into your own innate abilities to heal.


Common Ailments:



  • Cancer/Tumors/Cysts
  • Digestive Problems
  • Rapid Healing of Fresh Wounds
  • Rapid Healing of Broken Bones
  • Arthritis
  • Miraculous Healing Technique to prepare animals for ascension
  • And many more…
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Urinary Infections
  • Internal Parasites
  • Aches & Pains
  • Pre & Post Surgery
  • Blood in Stool


Distant Healings & readings are done over the phone for people & pets all over the globe. On occasion, local home visits can be requested for an extra travel fee.
* All sessions must be pre-paid. Travel Fees will apply for on-site healings. 24 hour cancellation policy, or you will be billed for the full session.


Animal Healing & Communication Workshops:



I teach workshops to help you learn how to heal and communicate with your animal. I am happy to discuss and book classes in your area.  Please ask me about it because I love giving animals a voice and giving you “ears” to listen.


Please be sure to fill out the Confidential Client Form for Animal Healings, here.

A few testimonials…

“I have been working and learning from Tiffany for the last year on my horses! She has helped me to increase my herds health and vitality. I can work on them from a health prospective through energy work– I had a colic mare that I worked with Tiffany on, and within a few minutes the mare walked off happy and ready to eat. I also had a mare that 8 hrs after giving birth was shaking and releasing large amounts of vaginal blood, I contacted Tiff and within 15 min she was standing, eating and feeling all better. She has worked on my dogs, and cats as well. She is a great animal communicator and I love visiting with her about my young horses. She has allowed me to work with them from a perspective that I know them better, and have a very personal take on what they need now– right down to changing a cinch for one young filly and wholla no more bucking when I cinched her up. I could go on and on about this wonderful woman… she has helped to improve just as many things in my personal life, as well as my body.” – Michele Skerl, Horse Trainer, CO

“I attended Tiffany’s class to teach me how to communicate with my horses.  The first set of questions I asked my horse were basic yes and no questions and within a few hours we had opened up major conversation pathways.  The best part came one week later when while riding my horse in a 2 day – 40 mile event.  As I was saddling up my horse Kookie, she told me she  wanted a different saddle pad, the message was so strong, I switched the pad just minutes before the event was to start. We have had problems with sore back all season long.  The communications continued all weekend long and we won the event with a perfect scorecard and NO SORE BACK.Thank you Tiffany you are a fabulous teacher.” – Juleen Feazel, CO

“I never thought attending an animal communication clinic would change my life but it did.  Tiffany is a wonderful spiritual teacher and had given me the tools to communicate with my animals.  I am a better person because I was fortunate enough to have Tiffany come into my life. Thank You.”– Gwen A

“I felt at ease that you were helping Freda (my horse) and I get through this life or death situation.  It was a scary time and I needed to consult you to help facilitate Divine Intervention because my horse was in intensive care with a serious bacteria infection.  The Vets didn’t know if she was going to make it.  After two healing sessions, Freda was much better and out of the ICU.  After a few more sessions she was back to her spunky self.” -TP

“My dog had an adrenal tumor and was scheduled for surgery. But after one miraculous healing session with Tiffany, the tumor was gone and there wasn’t a need for surgery anymore.  I had her do a few more sessions to make sure the energy of cancer was completely removed from her aura. My dog has been healthy ever since.  Thank you so much!” -LT

“My cat had a reoccurring bladder infection that was healed after one treatment and hasn’t ever returned. Thank you, Tiffany!  -LF

“My dogs got into a fight and one had really hurt the other one.  She had a severe broken leg where the bones were sticking out and blood was gushing everywhere.  Tiffany immediately started doing an emergency distant healing session and the blood started to clot on the way to the Vet.  Meg was supposed to be in a cast for 3-4+ weeks, but after a few healing sessions, she recovered much faster than the vets expected and has most of her range of motion back, neither of which the vets thought would be possible.” -DL