Healing Sexual Trauma

Three Healing Calls

After the work you have done to heal are you feeling safer and more open to being loved and yet you feel there is a part of you still holding back?

Although you know mentally that you are safe, physically you still have an uneasiness?

I know this is a tender subject and have been hesitant to do a healing program for it. However, I feel very called to offer it now because I can see people can benefit. It will be a safe environment that is confidential– you won’t even be talking on the line at all. Everyone will be muted for confidentiality.

Sexual traumas, molestation and date rape can leave scars and cause blocks to intimacy, trusting people, connecting with people, and receiving love at deeper levels. If these energies remain stuck and pent up in the body and psyche, it can lead to physical health problems as well. I’ve seen many clients over the years with fibroids, cysts, cancer in the reproductive organs, sexual dysfunction, and the inability to climax with ease.

If you’re ready to release more layers of shame, guilt, worry, fear, trauma, wounds on a conscious and subconscious level please register for this teleclass series.

3 Calls: Mon, July 17; Wed, July 19; and Fri, Jul 21
6pm-7pm PT, 8pm- 9pm CT, 9pm-10pm ET

Yes, I want healing!