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Is having a healthier mind, body & spirit important to you?

To me, health is the most important factor, because if we don’t have mental and physical health, then all the love and money in the world isn’t going to matter.

My favorite is to help people go into the depths of their soul and psyche to discover the “old” wounds causing physical and psychological ailments.

Most of the time, what we experience psychologically, then ripples out to our body. If we don’t fully process an emotion or suppress it, that energy can get stuck in the physical body and cause health ailments. Most moderate to severe ailments are start this way. So it is a process of clearing away “layers of the onion” until you are brought back to essence and true self.

Invest in yourself so that you will have greater access to yourself and can more easily contribute to others.



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“Thank you Tiffany for my healing session. 8 years ago I had to stop my passion in life -long distance triathlon due to an acute which turned chronic hamstring injury on my sport physician’s advice. It has been held at bay with my physio and osteo over the years with many times me having to take long periods of no activity to let it recover. Now after one 30 minute healing session (by phone), I’m back doing endurance cycling and starting again on my running rehab program with no pain. This is a first since my injury. Thank you, you have me back doing what I love.”-Elissa, Australia

“Tiffany is an extraordinarily powerful, gifted healer. But despite her power, she approaches her work from a place of gentleness, purity, non-judgment, compassion, and love. I highly recommend her.

Years ago, when I was recovering from a long illness, I attended one of Tiffany’s presentations and was intrigued by the healing she did on the audience. I signed up to take a class from her and soon gained access to information I wish I’d had all my life. I learned to protect and heal myself, and to heal others. I also had the good fortune to experience Tiffany’s healing work personally. So I can testify that if you need healing in any area of your life — be it a physical illness or an emotional, psychological, or spiritual issue — Tiffany has the clairvoyant insight to see the root of the problem and the energetic tools to lift your burden and shift you into a better place.”-J. S., Northern California

“Tiffany Cano is an amazing, talented healer. She has this remarkable knack for quickly uncovering the root of any issue I’m experiencing and helping to gently and effectively remove all barriers in order for me to feel this instant healing and wave of hope. All, while sharing her incredibly deep wisdom and expertise by teaching me very practical tools that I can apply in my daily life to any situation. Which has been such an incredible gift. Thank you, Tiffany for helping me to thrive in every area of my life!”– With infinite love and gratitude, Deb

“Thank you Tiffany for an amazing one on one healing phone session. You created such a safe space for me which allowed what needed to be addressed to arise, something that I had buried so deeply. I am blown away how you did what you did and I realized this incident which had been holding me back and that was in one session. The sense of a weight being lifted off my shoulders and I now have such clarity in what I want and where I am heading thank you. I highly recommend you and your work. I as so looking forward to your workshop being here in Australia soon xxx” -Elissa, Australia

“Working with Tiffany, I was able to open up my heart again. I didn’t even realize that I was still holding on to pain, suffering and anger from a divorce that occurred almost 6 years ago. Using forgiveness clearings, Tiffany brought love back into my life which had an immediate positive impact on my children, family, friends and business results. Tiffany has catapulted me into a new level of spirituality. I have extraordinarily been able to integrate all aspects of my humanity by confronting my “shadow” side. I am experiencing a new sense of personal empowerment, while strongly sensing that the source of power, love and consciousness is Universal. I have been able to experience, sustain and maintain states of happiness, gratitude, love, acceptance, grace and forgiveness that used to be fleeting emotions embedded in states of hurriedness, upset and anxiety.” – Amy R., New York