Highly Perceptive People Online Course

Highly Perceptive People Online Course

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6 Modules

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  • Do you feel like you have to GUARD yourself?
  • Do you DREAD being around certain people because of how you’ll be affected by their mood?
  • Do you AVOID certain situations or negative people because you don’t like who you become?

Tiffany was born highly perceptive, intuitive, empathic, psychic & clairvoyant and struggled as a child being so in tune to others energies.

Over the years, she has learned how to embrace these skills to help others, while staying clean, clear & strong. Now she is excited to help you and other highly perceptive people.

Harness your genius, while honoring your boundaries. START YOUR ONLINE PROGRAM NOW!

Highly Perceptive People have great intuitive empathic gifts and can also have a feeling of exhaustion and wanting to avoid certain people or circumstances.  Learn how to fine tune your spidey-sense while discovering how healthy appropriate boundaries feel in your body!

This program is unique as for every 100 to 200 conscious thoughts, we have 11 million subconscious thoughts.  Many courses and teaching targets conscious thoughts and conscious behaviors.  They are very effective!  However, when we discover and release more of the subconscious thoughts that block us from receiving that which we desire, we have a newfound freedom and power in life.  As a side benefit, we often experience deep healing as we address what is stuck in our subconscious mind.

Tiffany is gifted at seeing people’s subconscious chatter and this guides the material she teaches and the exercises that are provided so we can bring what we learn into our everyday life.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the deep healing that you receive even with the recorded program!

This program is designed to allow you to discover each topic so you complete the course embodying what you learn with ease. Tiffany will teach you a topic, you will do a kinesthetic exercise, then receive healing. We repeat this process over and over again as we peel away the layers of the onion. This is a beautiful process to heal deep core wounds while you powerfully and simply gain new knowledge and skills.

“Experience the Highly Perceptive People Workshop as if you are here with me “live and in-person.”

These modules are professional video recordings of a “live” class.

It’s very important that you watch the videos with a buddy and participate together during all the exercises. 50% of the workshop has kinesthetic exercises done with partners. When you register, we will gift you with a “Buddy Pass” for a friend so they can join you for Free.

Module 1: Discovering Your Sense of Self to Create the Life You Desire

In this first module, we will learn foundational concepts that allow you to transform the quality of your life. You will love the discovery, in your body, how the spaces in your life feel.

What is space? Space is intangible. Space can contain qualities. Around space are boundaries that keep the essence, energies, and qualities in a space, as well as keep things out of that space. There are many different types of space: Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Money to name a few.

Each one of these contains a particular type of essence. As you discover how your spaces feel in your body, you are taught simple and powerful ways to have the quality of space you desire.

It is like fertilizing the soil where you grow you prized heirloom tomatoes or sloughing off decades worth of old paint before staining a heritage piece of furniture. This work allows you to choose and create how you desire to feel in life rather than have your environment or circumstances dictate that.

The more healing happens, the safer you’ll feel. When things come up (because we’re going into emotions!), turn towards it. When we hide, run away, or deflect it, it Is magnified. We begin looking at how to honor yourself and others as we become more attuned to ourselves.

You will discover:

  • Safety is an inside job
  • Being Responsible for Your Own Energy
  • Empathy- how to Honor Yourself and Others
  • Learn about the Different Types of Spaces that you have
  • A powerful exercise to allow you to transform your experience of stress

Module 2: Returning to Lightness and Play- Healing Your Inner Child

Do you remember the pure bliss of skipping in the park, splashing in puddles, and the innocence of the pure love you were as a child? Every day you woke with sheer enthusiasm with the joy you knew the day would bring. Now that may be a distant memory….

How can we restore that? We can bring deep healing to core wounds our inner child experienced. In this module, we look at our “Inner Child” (a term used in Psychology to describe a subconscious part of ourself from early childhood up until puberty). This Inner Child collects data like stories, wounds, hurts, upsets, traumas, and misunderstandings. Based on our early life experiences, our Inner Child helps to shape our constitution and sense of self.

It doesn’t take much to make a negative imprint on our inner child. Even something minor like a raised voice from an adult or a scowling look can leave a mark and create an entire belief system. And if there was any moderate to severe trauma, it can create even stronger negative beliefs and stories that can ripple out for decades.
In this module, we will experience deep healing for Your Inner Child and you will discover simple and easy to apply exercises you can bring home with you to:

  • Release the 8 Types of Toxic Patterns in Parent-Child Relationships
  • Heal Yourself
  • Have healthier more loving relationships with the people in your life
  • Bring awareness to your Money Space to improve your cash flow

Module 3: O Peace, Where Art Thou?

Do you notice that the emotions and judgments that you have about others are often the same types of judgments about yourself, and also the same emotions that you struggle to be with the inside of yourself? Are you tired of getting drained by the way anger zaps your energy and vitality?

And despite how you “know” this is “bad” you just don’t know how to forgive? Or perhaps you have already done lots of work bringing forgiveness to certain situations and people, but you just know you are stuck. You long to let go but don’t think you could go deeper into peace, healing, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, and love?

We will do exercises to help you welcome and be with a variety of energies and emotions. This will allow you to:

  • Easily empty as you bring awareness to things that no longer serve you
  • Discover the quality of Passive Aggression and Anger then peacefully let it go to leave you free
  • Receive deep healing for Anger
  • Practice Forgiveness to cause peace, harmony, and communication where there has been a lack of these qualities in the past
  • Receive healing for Your “Victim”
  • Embody Divine Power causing connection with who you are on a Soul level

Module 4: Yes! I Am Ready to Manifest the Life of My Dreams

Are you ready to have greater ease and power with manifesting your heart’s desire? Learn how to purify and hold your space well and to give your manifestation a huge boost!

Do you know that there is a difference between a Boundary, an Energetic Shield, and a subconscious Guard? I bet you haven’t thought much about it, but once you learn more and start being aware, you will realize that these walls have blocked you from some really great things in life. When shields, walls, and guards are up, it makes it hard to receive love, money, and joy.


  • Being more peaceful and grounded
  • Letting go of Anger and Negativity at even deeper levels by Healing Core Wounds
  • Welcoming Your Emotions
  • Dropping shields, guards and walls and creating healthy, appropriate, clear and crisp boundaries
  • Intimacy, Connection with people & a healthier relationship with Money

Module 5: Deepening, Developing and Trusting Your Intuition

Learn how to discern between your lower and higher intuition then receive a blessing to enhance your intuition. Lower intuition is like a gut feeling and is generated more from our instincts. This level of intuition is the first type to develop in people. The drawback to lower intuition is that is from the solar plexus area, which is the chakra that stores a lot of our fear, stress, worry and anxiety. So this chakra is not as “clean” for more many people.

Therefore, sometimes, the information that we receive from lower intuition, can be tainted or only partially accurate. This is what causes confusion and doubt for many people.

Higher intuition comes from the Divine, down your spiritual cord, crown chakra and clairvoyant faculties. It is more subtle and refined. I feel that there is more accuracy with higher intuition. The one drawback is that it may not appear as “loud” as the “gut feeling” from the lower intuition. It requires a more developed inner ear to hear the whispers from our soul.

Learn how to tap into your innate ability to listen to your intuition. Learn how to discern your intuition and then to confidently take action:

  • Releasing Shame and Guilt so you can Better at Receiving
  • Learn how to Healthily Hold Emotions in Your Space- Building Your Terrarium
  • The Benefits of Higher and Lower Intuition
  • Receive a Blessing to Enhance Your Intuition

Module 6: Advanced Application of What You Have Discovered

This is what you have been waiting for! Learn how to deal with pushy people without violating who you are and being avoidant, withdrawn, nasty or prickly.
We apply more advanced applications of space holding including how to better deal with pushy people and using your on/ off button to give yourself control over the times you want to use your intuition.


  • How can you Better Deal with Pushy People?
  • Being More Present In Your Body
  • Healing to release Unworthiness about Money
  • Controlling the On/Off Button for your intuition

Imagine who you would be, and the impact this would have on your family, friends and work if you could have healthier, more appropriate boundaries in all areas of life. How would your life look if you manifested what you wanted with ease and grace? What new ventures or journeys would you embark upon if you no longer needed to avoid certain circumstances, people and environments?



Testimonials from Happy Clients


“This program is one of the most profoundly useful programs I have ever participated in. I find it effortless to be myself in circumstances that used to diminish or take me out entirely. If you like being yourself, this is the place to be. Just sign up.

-Greg Lewis

“My husband and daughter took Tiffany’s workshop last year. I can’t stop raving about the changes I’ve seen in them! The guy I fell in love with is now consistently there for me – much less affected by everything going on. I am making it a priority to attend Highly Perceptive People. I want the benefits for myself!”

– Alison Armstrong, www.queenscode.com & www.understandmen.com

“Just spent the most AMAZING weekend with Tiffany at her workshop. I walked out of there with new tools for release, healing and growth; a newfound sense of my space and my birthright to take up more space; the experience of being seen, heard and known; and a new clarity around who I am and my true purpose in this life! What an incredible gift…I am so supremely grateful — thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! 🙂 <3 xo”

-Lauren T., DC

“Taking the Highly Perceptive People online course was a completely different experience than taking it in person over the weekend. I had no way of knowing that I would get so much value from this format! While I loved the feeling of being in a type of bubble for the weekend workshop and focusing on the workshop for 2 full days, my buddy and I noticed that participating in a short segment and then going out and living life for a week before viewing the next segment afforded us such great opportunities to practice what we had just learned. We were able to use the tools for several days before introducing the next batch of new tools. We also noticed a big difference between watching the module on a weekend, with plenty of carefree timelessness, and watching the module after working all day. Just that bit of good information about how our capacities to learn, receive, practice, sense, and scan are expanded or reduced will continue to serve us, as we set about to be intentional about arranging our lives to be balanced and healthy. The healings also seemed to sink in deeper and more profoundly. The weekly coaching/healing calls were invaluable. Spreading out the modules and calls gave us time to experience life in between, and questions and thoughts naturally rose to the surface in a way that wasn’t possible in the very dense and compact weekend course. Especially if you like to take more time to process and absorb new information and tools, the Highly Perceptive People online course allows for a lot of reflection, introspection, and in-real-life practice (plus several nights of good sleep, which can only help with retention of this material!). I’m a huge fan of the online course.”

-April T, Texas

“Wow, what an amazing workshop!!! I’ve experienced Tiffany’s talents individually and had the opportunity to experience them together this past weekend in their workshop which was absolutely exceptional! I felt an incredible shift of healing which was fascinating since it happened so quickly and easily. I literally discovered the impact of my own energy, how it felt and how it effected people around me. I was able to experience and recognize this for the first time in my life!!! The tools they taught were exactly what I had been looking for and it was done a loving, safe and unconditional environment. An amazing class and I can’t wait for the advanced class next year!!!”


“Even if you don’t believe you are an Empath or super sensitive, This would be great for any person in the world that works with other people.”


“This workshop was transformational for me. I came into it feeling trapped in a self-made shell of protection from prolonged exposure to others’ emotional energies. Teaching guides Tiffany and Michele provided insight and a loving, safe environment in which they shared tools that I could use to release fear and learn to embody my own energetic space. The workshop more than met my expectations. I left with a feeling of hope and possibility that my empathy can be a source of strength to myself as well as to others.”

-Karen Z.

“Give yourself more tools to be more powerful.”

– CW

“This is a Master Class.”

– NH

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We did “before” & “after” photos for our last few live workshops. Do you notice how much more radiant, joyful, expanded, uplifted and less guarded they are after just 2 days?