Holding Space for Humanity


Have the current world news events been getting you down?

If you have felt hopeless, sad, angry, confused, then consider joining me on this free group healing and coaching call.

If you haven’t felt anything at all, it may be possible that the defensive wall of numbness came out to guard and protect you from feeling the pain of the world right now.

If you would like to learn how to apply the space holding and boundary skills that you learned in Highly Perceptive People or Turning Sensitives Into Strengths, then please RSVP for this free healing tele-series.

Please join me for a free call where you can experience:

  • Better boundaries so that you don’t feel the fear, sadness and suffering of the world.
  • Be of service to humanity.
  • Stand in your power with compassion in the face of chaos from natural disasters.
  • Contribute in a unique, kind, loving way that will increase the vibration of the planet.
  • It is highly recommended that you are on the calls live. Please don’t drive during the calls so you will be able to safely do the space holding exercises and receive healing.This free tele-series is only for graduates of Highly Perceptive People or Turning Sensitives Into Strengths.

Monday and Wednesday, October 30 and November 1

6pm-7pm PT
8pm-9pm CT
9pm-10 pm ET