How Do I Have Appropriate BOUNDARIES?

Boundaries are not always comfortable. Previously, when a friend needed something from me, I would automatically want to provide them the time, energy, love, attention, nurturing, listening, advise, etc. that they wanted.
After awhile, I noticed that I was putting myself into a self-sacrificing position. My body, mind and soul would feel depleted, drained and couldn’t function fully. I thought being generous was a good thing, until I realized that I was being generous to a fault. Ooops.

We can’t be our best selves for our family, friends, clients, co-workers if we are running on empty. So it is a gift to THEM when we have boundaries and take better care of ourselves.

Consider some of the areas in your life where you know you need to create better boundaries.

What are you sacrificing from your life by lacking boundaries?

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