HPP Academy Spring 2019

HPP Academy Spring Semester 2019

Check out our new semester program to deepen your sense of Self through healing, space holding, and increasing your intuition.

Whether you are empathic, sensitive, intuitive or want to be, this program is for you!

An exclusive opportunity to be mentored, trained, developed and healed by Tiffany!

In addition to the Divine, spiritual and celestial guidance for profound healing and blessings received when our group of powerful, positive, conscious people come together, the Highly Perceptive People Academy will include:

  • A four-day module at a Healing Center in Orange County, California with delicious healthy lunches & dinners.
  • A group healing & coaching call pre and post module to continue to deepen our discoveries, breakthroughs and implementation of what we learn in our lives.
  • An intimate community of like-minded people to share and witness your beautiful journey.
  • THREE- One Hour Private Healing Sessions by phone with Tiffany.

Receive the following benefits and discoveries:

  • Embody qualities like love, peace, empowerment and joy.
  • Open up your heart and live from your heart space.
  • Get even better with your boundaries and space holding.
  • Enjoy and experience profound healing rituals.
  • Learn to hear and trust your intuition more to guide you to create an even better life.
  • Stand in your power with your heart open.

You will learn more about…

This academy is a deepening of my mission to alleviate suffering by offering priceless wisdom, healing and empowerment. You will receive personalized “Tiffany Time” throughout the program! It will start as soon as you register with private coaching & healing calls. I feel so blessed and thrilled to guide you through many powerful, fun, and profound rituals, exercises, purification, and other components that will deepen your ability to be your Best Self.

Each semester will enhance your clarity and ability to hold your space and boundaries in a variety of situations and energies. We will do healing and kinesthetic exercises to help you build stronger, healthier spaces, giving you even more access to the life you have always wanted!

MONEY SPACE: Need Mo’ Money? Tired of stressing over your cash flow? Time to tap into your powerful ability to receive, save, give and invest money! If your Money Space is unhealthy or small, it is often very challenging to make money or feel trust that the Universe is providing for you. In this course, you will develop a greater capacity to receive prosperity, abundance, Divine bounty and blessings!

EMOTIONAL SPACE: Do you feel the positive &/or negative emotions of others? Has it been overwhelming or had you feel like you need to guard or protect yourself? We need a healthy emotional space to process our emotions in a drama free way. You will receive healing so that you are less triggered, more neutral, calm, peaceful, trusting and loving.

MENTAL SPACE: Can’t think? Get overwhelmed? Your mental space provides your ability to think, have clarity, be creative, write, speak and communicate. If you value quick, sharp, clear thinking, creativity, kinder & more direct communication, then let me help you heal and expand your mental space.

PHYSICAL SPACE: Ever notice that some people walk in a crowd and it’s like the parting of the Dead Sea and others get bumped all the time? When you have a strong, healthy physical space, it is represented by a “presence” or “it factor.” Learn to better occupy your body, be present, grounded, healthy, and strong.

SPIRITUAL SPACE: Do you want more intuition, or perhaps you get overwhelmed by the spiritual downloads? When you have a healthy, strong spiritual space, divine guidance, intuition and messages come often with clarity and ease. You will also receive more peace, joy, trust and fulfilment.

RELATIONSHIP SPACE: Are you struggling with one or more relationships at home or in your social life? Creating a better relationship space will give you access to compassion, kinder and clearer communication, more heartfelt intimacy if/when you want it, space to be “yourself” in the partnership.

WORK SPACE: Do you need a better work space? Have you been struggling with your boss or a co-worker? Whether you work from home or in an office, there is an optimal energetic work environment that can help you be more productive, centered, balanced and make your job easier.

LIFE SPACE: Have you struggled trying to find a balance in your life? When you have a large enough life space, it gives you the time, money, energy and attention for all of your various spaces. There is space to work, play, love, laugh, exercise, have alone time and much more.


The program includes:

1) Exclusive In-Person 4 Day Workshop in Huntington Beach, CA on Feb 28 to March 3, 2019.

2) Three Group Coaching & Healing Calls From 6pm to 7:30pm on Feb 19, Mar 12 and Mar 25.

3) Receive THREE One Hour Private Healing Sessions by phone.

In Person Weekend

Our HPP Academy will be at a Healing Center in Huntington Beach, CA (Orange County).

To support the healing, consciousness and spiritual work that we will be doing we will be served blessed, healthy, beautiful vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner each day. This will be a great opportunity for more connection and community building.

These dates below are tentative and subject to change.

Spring Semester: February 28-March 3, 2019 (Thur-Sun)


Private Healing Calls

Heal your mind, body and spirit by clearing the blocks in the chakras, meridians, aura, organs, tissues and joints. It’s a whole system clearing in each session! Included with each semester is THREE one-hour private healing session by phone (valued at $1275). Please reach out and schedule your sessions- I love to facilitate your healing that will allow you to manifest your heart’s desire.

Tuition is only $3,995 or 9 payments of $399 (Valued at $5570)

I am only taking 8- 12 people in the program to ensure a lot of personalized attention. Please reserve your spot Now.


This course is open to graduates of the Highly Perceptive Workshop or Turning Sensitivities into Strengths Workshop. An exception may be made if you have been or currently are a private healing client.

There are limited opportunities to work with me in person in 2018. The options include the Highly Perceptive People workshop, the Highly Perceptive People Academy, and Embodying Christ Consciousness. All of these ways of working with me bring different value and I am especially fond of the HPP Academy and look forward to contributing to you. An amazing program awaits us!

Register Now to save!

** After 3 days of purchase, there are no refunds or transfers!

** All of Tiffany’s classes are video taped and you will need to sign a waiver to get into the classroom.


I loved the peace and the light. I loved the experience of transformation with mercy, grace and ease.

Tiffany is a Master at helping you discover your blind spots and giving you what you need to heal in just the right way. My life is forever changed for the better. Thank you, Tiffany.

The more I dip myself into this kind and amazing energy, the more I can carry it back out the world. Everyone should do this work- the Earth would be more peaceful.

I learned many techniques and received a lot of healing. And more importantly, I learned how to love and live from my heart.