I <3 India! See my pics!

I am missing being in India with our tight-knit group of seekers.  We had a blissful, blessed and deeply transformational time together.  

We were so blessed to have spent time in many holy temples in and around Bangalore.

I am so happy to have a chance to give you a taste of our journey.  Please check out my photos and experience it like you were there with me.


A little bit about the Deities at the Temples that we saw…

Lord Krishna- is the love aspect of God.  Some of us chose to arrive in India a few days prior to the start of the retreat and we experienced Divine bliss and blessings at the Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Bangalore.

Lord Shiva- The will aspect of God. We were blessed with the purification and destroying energy of Lord Shiva at the Mallikarjna Jyotirlinga temple in Srisailam to create space for manifesting and creation of our futures in alignment and attunement with God. 

Lord Balaji- We basked in the Divine energy and love aspect of God at the Ventakaswara Temple in Tirupathi.  We feel so deeply grateful as millions of people every year desire to visit this holy temple and few have the blessings and good karma to experience Tirupathi (considered to be one of the holiest temples in India).

On Republic Day, which is the day when India gained independence from British rule, we happened to drive by a Girls’ school while they were doing a performance outdoors. We stopped at the school and hung out with the girls while they sang and danced for us. They thought it was so special that Westerners were visiting them on a special day, such as this one. Then we gave them candy at the end- which they all loved.

We stayed at some luxurious properties including the Taj West End. It had live music and was gently perfumed with fresh flowers and had many floral designs made of flower petals throughout the property.

We enjoyed the tour of the historic property including darshan at the Muneshwara Temple. This is considered to be a special temple as the Great Jamun tree fell on the temple. The “kalasham” split the trunk into two but the temple was left unharmed.

This trip was created to ensure comfort, safety and enjoyment- this is a truly unique opportunity to go to spectacular places in India that is not accessible for most westerners. Our tour group was featured in two Indian Newspapers as we were truly off the beaten path!

It was also really cool that the airports in India and Dubai had prayer rooms and/or chapel. So I stopped in when I was in transit.

I also went on an elephant safari and saw these gorgeous animals very close to our jeep.

Overall this was blessed, holy, super fun trip!!!  I <3 India!  😀

Perhaps in the future I will be called to return to India- If that happens, I invite you to enjoy India with me while I facilitate many teachings, insights, fun and profound healing!


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