Intro to Embodying the Christ Within

FREE Intro Call for the Embodying Christ Consciousness!

  • Have you been wanting to deepen your spiritual connection?
  • Are you yearning for more fulfillment in your life?
  • Has Christ consciousness been alluding you?

I am providing a 3 month mentor program to help you go much deeper within yourself and cultivate Divine Love.

This is the missing ingredient of ultimate fulfillment, love, purpose and meaning in life. It is the subliminal tug at your heart letting you know that there is something more to life, a calling perhaps, a yearning for something that hasn’t yet been fulfilled. I know this feeling. It has been what has driven me on my spiritual path since I was a young child. The only way that I have partially quenched this thirst is by drinking the divine nectar of the Holy Beloved. It’s intoxicating. I didn’t know what I was missing until I started diving deeper into the infinite bliss during my meditations. I’ve only experienced a drop of what’s possible, which has me drunk on love. I feel called to help others find this within themselves as they connect on a profound level with God.  I have been guided to offer a combination of a series of healing calls with insights and coaching to a small group of receptive souls, intermixed with an 8 day retreat in Assisi, Italy.

Check out my Brochure & Itinerary for more details! Tiffany’s Assisi Trip – Christ Consciousness

What you will receive in our 9 Group Calls, 9 Day Retreat in Assisi, Italy and 5 Private Healing Calls:

  • Deepening YOUR RELATIONSHIP with God, Christ and your Higher Soul.
  • The greater your Divine Connection, the easier it is to make MORE MONEY, BE HEALTHIER and live from your HEART.
  • Strengthen your FAITH and TRUST in the Divine.
  • RELEASE conscious and subconscious blocks to a stronger spiritual connection.
  • Tap into a much stronger SPIRITUAL CONNECTION.
  • Discover the HIDDEN TREASURES and TEACHINGS of this Tuscan spiritual holy region and how to apply them in your every day life.
  • Experience the CULTURE, flavors, splendor and beauty of Italy.
  • Receive HEALING and BLESSINGS throughout the program to help take your life to the next level!

“Christ Consciousness: The projected consciousness of God immanent in all creation. In Christian scripture it is called the “only begotten son,” the only pure reflection in creation of God the Father; in Hindu scripture it is called Kutastha Chaitanya, the cosmic intelligence of Spirit everywhere present in creation. It is the universal consciousness, oneness with God, manifested by Jesus, Krishna, and other avatars. Great saints and yogis know it as the state of samadhi (q.v.) meditation wherein their consciousness has become identified with the intelligence in every particle of creation; they feel the entire universe as their own body.”
– by Paramahansa Yoganada, a Great Avatar who was one with Christ Consciousness

I am the Healer of Healers and Transformational Workshop Leaders. I’ve been getting paid for healing since I was 8 years old and have many been trained in many modalities. I can clairvoyantly see what’s in your blindspot, right next to your brilliance, that is blocking you from manifesting greater wealth, health & happier relationships. My mission is to help you shift, get unstuck and change your life physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. I facilitate energy healing and clairvoyant readings for individuals and groups over the telephone. I love working with people who are ready to partner in their healing process. Energy healing is a tool that can clear the body’s interference and allow for deeper health and well-being, in addition to manifesting your wishes and goals.