Love Yourself Beautiful

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Do you want to look more youthful, radiant, revitalized, and feel more loved and accepted than ever before?
Have you ever wanted to just release your negative beliefs and thoughts and fall in love with your body again?


Imagine if you could:

  • Fall even more in love with your body
  • Feel even sexier when you look in the mirror
  • Let your inner & outer beauty shine
  • Quiet the voices in your head about being too fat/skinny, not young enough or pretty enough, big enough boobs, etc
  • Receive a mini Energetic Face Life (withOUT needles)
  • Love & approve of your body temple
  • The focus is on healing from the inside out, so you FEEL more beautiful. And as a bonus, you will look it, too!

    Every cell in our body carries energy and our history. In essence it stores all of our good and negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, & traumas. So when these are energetically expelled out of the skin and body, it causes the face to tone and smooth out. Therefore, the lines and wrinkles get released and it causes the face to look more youthful and radiant. As we let go of old emotions, stories and hurts embedded in the body, it is my intention that we release from a place of love and acceptance, rather than from criticism and judgment. This is a safe space, and most people feel really relaxed, nurtured, loved and with full tanks as if they have had “spa day” after each session.

    Pranic Face Lifts have been featured on CBS News and are known to easily and safely use energy healing to help remove the stress, tension and traumas embedded in the face and body causing wrinkles and pre-mature aging. We will use energy healing to help you look YOUNGER and more RADIANT!

    All recipients will be amazed at their before and after photos. Your photos will dumfound you as you watch your lines disappear. Please submit all before photos to before and after you listen to the recordings. A close up without any makeup is the optimal shot for this program. Private and personal pictures will not be shared publicly without your consent. These are to track your progress and success. Please no driving while receiving healing!

    You will have access to TWO previous group healings held via teleclass that were 3 nights each, totaling 6 nights of recordings!


    A few Testimonials:

    “I really loved the Love Yourself Beautiful series. To be clear, I was not able to be on the live calls, and I listened to the recordings later. I was so happy to feel how powerful the healing sessions were. Tiffany has a beautiful, gentle, yet firm, intuitive way of working with you. I considered myself to be in very good, capable, compassionate hands, indeed. I love how safe, taken care of, and beautiful I felt during the series, and I can notice that a shift occurred. I noticed a dramatic difference in the lines on my forehead, and I also felt lighter and more free and at peace in my spirit. Thank you, Tiffany!” -AT

    “Every time I receive healing, I feel so BEAUTIFUL! The fear, the stress about my job and marriage, & the money worries seem to melt off my face and body. So I not only look younger, I feel better about myself and the tension is gone. People say I have a glow about me and I feel so happy.” -KS

    “Thank you, Tiffany, for Love Yourself Beautiful program. It was amazing! This is a miracle for me. Tiffany’s healing energy helped me look younger and more radiant! I am so happy!!! Thank you for all that you do. Love you!!!” -L

    “Tiffany is AMAZING! This procedure took 15 years off my face. After the first session, I looked 5-7 years younger… and I got so excited, I wanted to do a series, which helped to remove even more wrinkles.” – DL

    “Tiffany has a peaceful, intuitive guidance in healing. Her calm demeanor is comforting and
    uplifting, while at the same time, providing gentle support. What a gift to have Tiffany as a healer!”

    “I was afraid to have any kind of surgery or attempt botox, and I was even skeptical about someone using “energy and a crystal” to heal me. Much to my surprise, it works! This is such a great healthy alternative that produces marvelous results. I look great and I feel even better! Thank you, Tiffany, for making a believer out of me!” -LM

    “I enjoyed Tiffany’s introductory workshop a lot and felt very relaxed afterward. Tiffany’s healing energy is beautiful!” -Mary D.


There are no cash refunds. In the event that you are unable to attend this life changing event we are happy to credit your investment towards another workshop or group healing. Any space not cancelled within a seven day window of the event will be considered a scholarship for someone who was financially unable to attend.