Money Magnet


The Energetic Science of Being a Money Magnet!

Expert of Intuitive Leadership, Sparkling Results, heart-centered, mission-driven, entrepreneurs, produce financial results, marketing communications, business operations, personal development, Law of Attraction, owning the significant value and transformation they provide, create a lifestyle, workstyle, clarity, Confidence, Release Doubt, Own Your Gifts, Celebrate Your Power Money is Energy. All of our thoughts about money directly affect our ability to receive, save and spend money.

Can’t get ahead?
Struggling with taking your finances to the next level?
Feeling stressed & anxious about your bills?
Do you want to build your savings?


Discover the 3 Keys to Attracting Much More Prosperity, as well as:

  • Receive new and unexpected sources of cash
  • Let go of negative conscious & SUB-conscious beliefs, stories and patterns blocking you from having plenty of positive cash flow.
  • Learn what it means & the importance of having “Money Space.”
  • Tap into your intuition for ideas about how to generate multiple streams of income, passive income and active income.
  • Experience deep & profound prosperity healing lead by Tiffany.
  • Let “C-A-S-H” be a four-letter word that are passionate about and comes to you easily.
  • Feel more confident and stable with money.
  • Learn how to create better money karma.

Intro Dates Coming Up:

In-Person ($15 online/ $25 At the Door):

  • Thursday, March 26th from 7pm-9pm PT @Awakenings Metaphysical Bookstore: La Paz Village, 25260 La Paz Road, Laguna Hills, CA

In-Person is $15 PRE-Paid or $25 at the door

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