Owning Your Value

Would you like to be more congruent with your value and worth as a person, lover, friend, parent, family member, employee, boss and colleague?

Do you want other people to believe you, trust you, feel drawn to you, be nicer to you?

The more internally aligned you are with who want to be, the more these things will happen.

Do you know your value, yet despite your best efforts, you have difficulty living the life that is consistent with your value?
Why does that happen?

Are you “mostly” being the person you want to be, but perhaps not fully 100%? When there are gaps between who you want to be and who you really are being, then you are incongruent. Even if you are being 98% of who you want to be, that last 2% will cause misalignment. This can make you untrustworthy to yourself and others, and not as magnetic for your heart’s desire. Often times the things that make up the gap are in your blind spot. What can you do about something you are not aware of?

One of my biggest gifts is to see what self-limiting beliefs and blocks are in your blind spots and subconscious and help you to easily release them. My tribe especially loves group healing and coaching calls because often times other people ask questions or make comments that you might not think of yourself that are perfect for your situation as well.  And as a bonus, there is more celestial help for healing and Divine guidance.

Owning Your Value

September 13, 20, 27

Thursdays at 6pm-7pm PT / 9pm-10pm ET

Are there areas of your life that you want to improve, be more valued, congruent and aligned?
Let me show you how this may have shown up in your life or that of someone close to you.

Incongruence in Relationships

Your friends, partner or family members may not be as kind, loving, sincere, respectful, or honest with you. Intimacy and connection won’t be as strong or consistent. Heart-centered communication may be absent. Your loved ones may not honor your requests, needs, desires or boundaries because they haven’t heard it in a way that registers with them.

Alignment in Relationships

Your family, friends and community will honor you, your needs and requests. They reach out for a stronger connection and show you more love, attention and affection. Heart-centered communication flows easily. Acceptance, kindness, compassion, and unconditional love are present.

Incongruence in the Workplace

You don’t make as much money as you want to make. Your boss and colleagues may not give you the types of projects, leadership roles or promotions that you may desire. They may not value your input, or perhaps they take you for granted, and walk all over you. They may expect unrealistic results, assign too much work, or expect you to work excessive hours.

Alignment in the Workplace

Your boss, colleagues and subordinates treat you with respect, value your opinions, implement your brilliant ideas when it’s appropriate, and give you credit for your work. You are paid more money with raises, bonuses and promotions. Projects and work you are assigned are interesting and use your gifts well. You feel satisfied, happy, healthy and balanced despite achieving great results.

Incongruence as an Entrepreneur

You and your business doesn’t make as much money as you could. You may have to work hard and long hours, with very little to show for it. You may lack confidence in sales, enrollment, marketing, or other areas of your business, and therefore don’t close deals. You are an entrepreneur yet you still have a boss or a 9-5 job.

Alignment as an Entrepreneur

You are more magnetic and people are happy to PAY you properly for your services and products, you will have more help and support overall, and you will have more time and energy to enjoy life and time your loved ones. You experience freedom, passion and fulfillment doing what you are uniquely designed to do!

When you are internally aligned, which relationships would you love to see dramatically deepen?

Would there be new results at work and in your business if you were 100% in alignment?

Are you ready to jump in and discover how your life can be when you Own Your Value?

Our Group Healing Calls will be at 6pm-7pm PT / 9pm-10pm ET on:


1) September 13: “Valuing Yourself in Relationships”

2) September 20: “Valuing Yourself in the Office”

3) BONUS CALL on September 27: “Valuing Yourself as an Entrepreneur”

Tuition: $197 for yourself or a group rate of $499 for 3 people.

*** Owing your value can be confronting at times. I want to share this journey with you if it is your hearts desire and you are truly committed. Therefore, there are no refunds or transfers for this program.