Healing Your Inner Child


“Working with Tiffany to heal my inner child was transformative. I resonated with some of the examples Tiffany had given beforehand, and I knew I would uncover some wounds as a result of the class. I expected some healing, as is the delightfully predictable result of working with Tiffany. BUT I didn’t expect the violent unleashing of tears, sorrow, rage, regret, relief, release. Regret for having held onto these wounds for so long. Relief that my inner child could feel safe again. I especially connected with the finger painting exercise, maybe because I used to finger paint as a very young child and I recall the texture, smell, and slick feeling of the blue finger paint on a cookie sheet, which served as my canvas. Tiffany helped me access my words and feelings and express them, instead of stuff them down yet again, cover them up with smiles and “I’m fine”s, and be the “good girl” I was supposed to be. I was moved by the dialogue with my inner child and amazed at what she told me, all of it true. I can’t recommend highly enough healing your inner child with Tiffany. What a weight removed from my heart. Thank you, Tiffany!”-A.T
“The inner child work took me back 50 years to clear up some old wounds. That was really healing for me, thank you.”

Healing Your Inner Child


Often the biggest blocks to their financial success, loving partnerships and health stems from mild events that happened to them as kids. This is why I decided to offer a group healing that specifically addresses this problem.

It truly can be the tiniest of things that can happen (such as a scowling look, raised voice or negative statement) that leaves an imprint on your young mind that then has you create beliefs and stories that shape you into adulthood. I can intuitively tune in to guide you in how to release them and then empower you to create the life of your dreams!

Let's heal and transmute the subconscious and conscious beliefs that are blocking you from more love, money & better health!

For maximum benefit, listen to a recording 3 days in a row.

Key Benifits

Healing Your Inner Child
Recordings of 3 Group Healing Sessions to deeply heal You!
Receive more Money, Love & Health!

Are you ready to receive healing and make peace with your Inner Child?

The “Inner Child” is a term used in Psychology to describe a subconscious part of ourself from early childhood up until puberty. This Inner Child collects data like stories, wounds, hurts, upsets, traumas and misunderstandings. Based on our early life experiences, our Inner Child helps to shape our constitution and sense of self.

It doesn’t take much to make a negative imprint on our inner child. Even something minor like a raised voice from an adult or a scowling look can leave a mark and create an entire belief system. And if there was any moderate to severe trauma, it can create even stronger negative beliefs and stories that can ripple out for decades.

Examples of how our Inner Child affects our Adulthood:

3 year old little Sally heard Daddy say to Mommy, “We don’t have any money.” This one tiny statement had this woman grow up living from scarcity her entire life, always afraid of not having enough money, worried about spending money, attracting men who also stress about money. Then by doing Inner Child work, she released that story and belief that she made up when she was 3yrs young, and now has a much healthier relationship to money, where money comes to her easily and bountifully.
Little Johnny was told by his Grandpa, “Real Men don’t cry.” So for Johnny’s whole life, he stuffed away his feelings, he was emotionally callused and couldn’t relate when people were upset around him.

He struggled in romantic relationships because he wasn’t very connected to his heart. He continued to stuff away his feelings and eventually, those pent up feelings contributed to a heart attack. Finally, a message this big and loud got his attention, and he began an exploration of himself and the possible contributing factors to the heart attack. A few years after that, he discovered his inner child and remembered that “Real Men don’t cry,” and how much shame and guilt he felt when his grandpa told him that. He was able to forgive his grandpa and the men in his family for telling him that. This was the beginning of him accessing his heart, connecting to feelings and starting to have a much better relationship with his wife.

Jane told her young daughter, “We must suck in our stomach if we want to look pretty.” Jane used to dress her little toddler, Sally, up in pretty dresses and do her hair & make up. She gave her opinions about what beauty looked like (which was delusional and no woman could ever look like without massive plastic surgery). So Sally always tried to look pretty, but on the inside felt ugly, fat, self critical and not enough. This led to tummy tucks, botox, lip injections and 2 divorces. At some point after being anorexic and hitting rock bottom, she became open to healing her past and her negative body image. When she went to the root of the pain and remembered all the things that her mom told her was beautiful, she was able to start forgiving her mom, forgiving herself, forgiving the men in her life, discerning what “real beauty” is and discovering how she had it all along. Her self confidence improved, and she started attracting men who could actually like her for who she was as a person.

These are a few examples of how your Inner Child can hear one sentence or witness one event, and it can shape your whole life.

This is for you if you are:

  • Willing to heal, forgive & release old wounds & traumas from your childhood.
  • Ready to make more money, receive more love and have better health!
  • Want to be in better alignment with yourself & have access to your “Best Self.”
  • Tired of being on the hamster wheel getting the same results.
  • Frustrated that you keep attracting the same kinds of people into your life that hurt, upset or offend you.
  • Ready to release victim mentality & addiction to suffering.
  • Ready to make peace with your pain.