Money Magnet Intensive


Boost your entire life by receiving daily healing, prayers, positive affirmations, visualizations and create a prosperous life. Imagine how amazing your life could be if you focus on what you DO want and start manifesting it with ease. Create a new, healthy, permanent habit. Invest in yourself and your future by spending a short amount of time each day by listening to the recordings to receive massive healing that will significantly expand your wallet!

What will you gain from this course? Deep and profound Pro$perity Healing. Receive 12 Pro$perity Pointers that can give you tangible actions to generate wealth! Learn the meaning and importance of having “Money $pace.” Let go of negative conscious and subconscious beliefs, history and patterns. Feel more confident and stable with money. Let “C-A-S-H” be a four-letter word that comes to you easily.
You will receive your Audio Recordings every day for the next 20 days. Please get into a quiet space when you listen to them. And please don't listen while driving, for that might not be safe.



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