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Are you ready to receive more Love & Connection?

Is having a healthier, happier relationship with your loved ones important to you?
Have you been yearning for deeper love with your current partner or wanting to attract a new one?

Our family and loved ones can be the biggest satisfaction and fulfillment, or they can be the ones who trigger us the most. Often times, it’s somewhere in between. I have helped many couples, families, friends and co-workers have healthier relationships. We often do this through a combination of energy healing, insights, clearing “old” wounds and triggers, even from childhood and sometimes past lives. When the root of the original pain, hurt, story or belief is cleared out, it ripples out to the effect your entire life. As your home & work life is more joyful, it’ll give you more access to love, money & health!

On occasion, the best healing is to help two souls dis-entangle and move on from each other, and there are energies to help with that so the completion is more kind, loving and graceful.

Do you resonate with wanting to be peace on earth and letting it start with you and your realm?

If you are a Yes to healing your personal and professional relationships, let’s get started!


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“Working with Tiffany, I cleared and healed old wounds that used to attract unhealthy relationships. I gained a lot of clarity, serenity and joy on my list of qualities to attract the right man and for the first time in my life, I feel confident about my romantic future and awake to the love and light that a romantic partnership can provide. I’m ready and excited to welcome a wonderful man into my life! Thank you Tiffany!”– Melissa, Washington, DC

“Thank you for sharing your gift of healing and astonishing wealth of knowledge with me. I completed a 15 year relationship and was in the, “Yes I will date again one day- not right now” camp. With your help clearing past wounds so I could powerfully complete my relationship with my ex-husband, we were able to have stronger, healthier boundaries and a collaborative parenting relationship for our young child. I yearned to be in a loving relationship with an amazing man and had done nothing to actually begin dating. With your healing, forgiveness work, clearing hurt and releasing friction and tension, I met and began dating the man of my dreams. Even just meeting him has been beyond my wildest imagination of what could be possible in this lifetime. My heart is healing- it is open and fully expressing love unabashedly. I can’t even believe how many phenomenal men I am spending time with right now- totally unexpected and delightful. Through seeing many wonderful men I am able to discover what I really need and want in a partnership. Everything is at the perfect pace and I am so fulfilled and happy. Thank you for all of the blessings, healing, guidance and support you provide. I am truly blessed to receive healing from you. I feel cared for, cherished, and safe.” With deep gratitude, Anna L, Vancouver, Canada