Releasing Addictions


When you see the impact of the addiction, can you see you want to alter your path?

Have you already made many adjustments and are becoming very successful at overcoming your addiction but you are open to releasing more layers for a newfound freedom?

Are you concerned because you can see the addiction is causing neglect in some areas of your life?

Addictions can show up affecting us in many areas of our life. It is not simply an addiction to drugs and alcohol- though those are the common ones. Addiction can refer to almost anything done excessively, even if it is not causing too much harm.

3 Powerful Healing Calls

Mon, Aug 21
Wed, Aug 23
Fri, Aug 25
from 6pm-7:15pm PT / 8pm- 9:15pm CT / 9pm- 10:15pm ET

Addiction: the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing or activity.

Addictions can impact our well-being consciously and subconsciously on a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional level. Do you see you are caught in a vicious circle where you have impact in your life because of the addiction, but keep on abusing these substances in order to cope with the pain, wanting to numb out or simply because it’s habit? With addiction, there can be the initial experience of confidence and comfort; but later you can see it is blocking access to what you want in your life.

Let’s clear out the addiction energies, negative unhealthy habits, and the wounds or traumas that created the pain that would cause you to want to numb out.

In this teleclass we will be clearing unhealthy addictions to things such as:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Your Cell Phone
  • TV, Netflix and Hulu
  • Facebook and social media
  • Food
  • Sugar
  • Drama
  • Being busy
  • and other addictions as we discover them together on our healing and coaching calls.

If you want to clear out addiction to unhealthy and unsupportive things out of your system so you can start making more empowered choices, and create healthy habits, then please register now for this series of healing calls.

Mon, Aug 21; Wed, Aug 23; and Fri, Aug 25
from 6pm-7:15pm PT, 8pm- 9:15pm CT, 9pm- 10:15pm ET

If you have friends, family or colleagues who can benefit from this, I request your help to share this with them.