Releasing Fear


Are fears blocking you from health, love and money?

Have you been avoiding action out of fear?

Do you have physical ailments attributed to fear including: stomach issues, numbing out with
food, drugs or alcohol, muscle tension, sleep issues, or others?

4 Powerful Healing Calls

Monday, October 16
Wednesday, October 18
Monday, October 23
Friday, October 25
from 6pm-7:15pm PT / 8pm- 9:15pm CT / 9pm- 10:15pm ET

Having fears is a natural part of being human and can be useful as it keeps us aware of our environment and allows us to make choices to keep ourselves safe. There can be times when our fears get out of check and affects how we live our lives. I have designed this tele-class to provide deep healing of core wounds so that you will no longer be left paralyzed, full on tension, health problems and being broke. I will teach you about releasing your fears and we will do group healing for conscious and subconscious fears on many levels including: physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychically, and psychologically.

You will:
*Stop living your life out of fear.
*Start playing bigger in life and standing in your power.
*Be more confident to take action on your intuition.
*Be more aware of when fear comes up, and make conscious decisions to still complete that divinely guided activity.
*Have less tension and anxiety in your body.

If you are unable to participate on the live calls, the recording will be made available. You can continue to listen to the recording as frequently as you would like to deepen your healing.

In this teleclass we will be clearing common fears such as:

  • Aging
  • Asking for Money, Raises or things that you want in life
  • Being Alone
  • Dying
  • Failing or Succeeding
  • Flying, Driving or Traveling
  • Germs
  • Getting fat or thin
  • Health and Wellness
  • Heights
  • Intimacy and connection
  • Not having enough money, time or energy
  • Open or crowded spaces
  • Public Speaking
  • Small spaces
  • Snakes and Spiders
  • and other fears as we discover them together on our healing and coaching calls.

If you want to clear fear out of your system so you can start making more empowered choices, and create healthy habits, then please register now for this series of healing calls.

And come prepared with a list of your fears so that I personalize this course for you!

Mon, Oct 16; Wed, Oct 18; Mon, Oct 23; Wed, Oct 25
from 6pm-7:15pm PT, 8pm- 9:15pm CT, 9pm- 10:15pm ET

If you have friends, family or colleagues who can benefit from this, I request your help to share this with them. Thank you!